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Chicago Chiropractic’s Office Location – Chicago

Chicago Chiropractic has moved up to the 4th floor!  Dr. Michael Kauf with Chicago Chiropractic has upgraded to a newly renonvated suit in the same 1 East Delaware Pl. Suite 401, Chicago, IL 60611.  We are just one floor above the old unit! Chicago Chiropractic is open for business and ready to serve all your chiropractic needs in Chicago where we also take same day appointments.

Are you experiencing BACK PAIN? Neck pain? Sciatica? Headaches? Chicago Chiropractic can reverse this pain through CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS and massage therapy.  Is there a creek in your neck that will not subside? Chicago Chiropractic can assist you in minimizing your discomfort and now features state of the art treatment rooms to do so.

No matter the pain, Chicago Chiropractic is better able to serve you at out new facility! To view all of Chicago Chiropractics office photos follow us here!

Chicago Chiropractic with Dr. Micheal Kauf
We look forward to seeing you soon!

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