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Joint Degeneration

Proper spinal alignment is essential to maintain a healthy spine and prevent painful conditions from arising. If there is a trauma to a spinal joint, or there is degeneration of the discs that separate the vertebra from one another, one of the ways your body responds is to attempt to stabilize the area by formation of new bone. Over time, calcium deposits build up, eventually forming abnormal bony growths called “bone spurs”. This arthritic splinting of the bones is the body’s attempt to stabilize the injured joint. If left untreated the degeneration also known as “subluxation degeneration” will progressively get worse and can lead to chronic health related problems. As the x-rays below demonstrate, there is a progressive degeneration that can be halted, or slowed, with proper chiropractic care.


Proper spinal curves permit normal movement of the spine. Openings between joints allow nerve roots to exit the spine without interference or “pinching” of the nerves. The edges of the bones are smooth and well defined. Equal disc spacing is a sign of healthy spinal function.

Phase One

Loss or normal curves and misalignment may restrict or exaggerate normal ranges of motion. Ligament and muscle strength is reduced. Even with nerve irritation and soft tissue inflammation, pain or other obvious symptoms may not be present.

Phase Two

Years of accumulated calcium deposition are now visible causing bone spurs that attempt to fuse malfunctioning joints. Adjacent surfaces are rough and uneven. Joint instability is accompanied by continued nerve irritation and disc degeneration.

Phase Three

After years of neglect, complete fusion has immobilized the joint. Obstructed nerve openings cause permanent nerve irritation as soft tissue degeneration continues. This irreversible condition is usually associated with other chronic health problems.

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