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Visit Chicago Chiropractic if you are an athlete with back pain

How many of you recently ran in the Chicago marathon? Chicago Chiropractic saw a number of patients experiencing back pain while training. This may be good information for you to know if you are an avid runner! Over recent years the amount of back injuries across athletes, mainly runners, has dramatically increased. You may be someone who has experienced shin splints, achilles tendinitis, flat feet, or even compartmental syndromes or stress fractures. We know it is painful! These injuries result from cumulative stress reactions to soft tissues and bones. When you run, your musculoskeletal system may absorb up to 250-300% of your weight on the heel strike; this puts a lot of extra stress on your body.

At Chicago Chiropractic we often treat pain and non-specific symptoms associated with running, usually from regular stress on the soft tissues and bones. If we are able to catch these symptoms early on, it is easier to manage so don’t put off speaking to a chiropractor too long! Chicago Chiropractic can truly make a difference for athletes who have experienced many of these symptoms.

While chiropractic treatment can help with pain and injuries, its biggest advantage to runners and athletes is preventive care. As a leading chiropractor center, we want to prevent you from getting hurt which starts with keeping healthy. The danger with running injuries is that they are likely to be caused by repetitive stress and alignment problems which can take a long time to realize, and an even longer time for the pain to actually start. We try to fix your alignment so that your body can handle the consistent stress of running. It is rare to have ‘perfect” alignment, and in many cases those with flat feet or high arches are at risk to have extra cumulative stress on the body.

As a Chicago chiropractor we can give you a great overall assessment and teach you how to prevent injuries and maintain healthy alignment. In addition, being a chiropractor, we can also suggest a program that will help you to prevent future injuries.  Call Dr. Kauf at Chicago Chiropractic (312) 337-4004 for any questions you may have.


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