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Chiropractic Care: The Cure to your Migraine

chiropractic care for migraines
Seek chiropractic care if you suffer from migraine headaches

How many of you have had a migraine before? You would know if you have… The migraine headache is an intolerable recurring pain that can last up to 72 hours.  “Aura” is a warning sign that is normally a type of visual disturbance or nausea that sometimes accompany migraines. Typically, migraine sufferers find that traditional medicine does not provide ample relief and normally other methods of treatment are needed such as chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care uses holistic approaches such as massages, spinal manipulations or an adjustment of the body’s soft tissues and joints within a person’s back. Chicago Chiropractic recently researched case studies that monitored the effectiveness of this treatment to ensure that it helped treat the cause of the migraine headache.

A study published by Dr. Tuchin et al. [1] in February of 2000, cited the possible benefits of chiropractic care easing both the pain and frequency of recurring migraines. 127 migraine patients were used, all of whom suffered from at least one migraine per month; this sample was divided into two groups – one control group who received inactive treatment, and another group that received chiropractic care. The treatment focused on aligning and treating specific areas of vertebral swelling and misalignment. In result, those who did receive chiropractic care experienced improvement in their migraines which showed reduced pain and frequency within two months of treatment! The group also reported a decline in the need of migraine medications. The study also found that five sufferers from the chiropractic care group had a 90% reduction of migraine frequency, and 50% found significant improvement in the severity of their migraines!

As you can see, research found that chiropractic care and treatments such as spinal manipulation and massage could significantly help patients who suffer from chronic and reoccurring migraines. If you suffer from migraines, please do not wait any longer.  Call Chicago Chiropractic today at (312) 337-4004 and book an appointment.


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