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Chicago Chiropractor Care for Triathletes

We are sure you are familiar with “triathlons”… you know, the competitive athletic event where a person runs, cycles andswims. Triathlons put an intense strain on your body, which challenges you from a mental and physical point. The extreme training you endure while

Chicago Chiropractic for Triathletes
Visit Chicago Chiropractic if you are experiencing injuries from Triathlon training

is called cumulative stress, and it is very common for triathlon contestants to undergo various injuries throughout their journey. Being a Chicago chiropractor where there are triathlons throughout the year to take part in, we see many clients with many different injuries and pain points.

Whether you are training for something like the Ironman or maybe a local event, chiropractic care may be a good option for you and also help improve performance! To decrease the stress and toll that training takes on your body before you get injured is key in making sure you perform at your best level.

Being a Chicago chiropractor we have to provide the best treatment possible for the neuromuscular skeletal system. For these reasons, chiropractic care is ideal for athletes looking to treat or prevent injuries.

chiropractic treatment we use is called “Active Release Technique,” which is a form of soft tissue treatment that uses an advanced massage system.  Most athletes and triathletes find injury from repetitive strain and stress which can also result in muscle restrictions due to adhesion formation. Before chiropractic treatment takes place, a biomechanical analysis needs to be determined to find the exact location of restrictions in your body.

One plus of this treatment is that does not require extended rest periods before improvements are seen! You can see improvement after just a few sessions. For those who are looking to invest only in preventive treatment, improvement in performance is also achieved in the span of a few sessions.

A possible reason that chiropractic care prior to an event can result in performance enhancement may be that spinal adjustments improve the body’s maximal oxygen consumption ability. Since prevention is easier than treatment of an injury, many professional athletes invest in preventive and performance enhancing chiropractic treatment. Call us, your leading Chicago chiropractor at (312) 337-4004 to learn more!


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