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Avoid Back Pain This Winter – Chicago Chiropractor Tip

Now summer and even fall seem as though they both quickly ended. The leaves are turning brown and falling and at this rate, snow could be upon us any day. Every year in Chicago, between the raking of leaves and the shoveling of snow it is easy to injure your back so Chicago Chiropractic has a few tips on how to prevent back pain and injury.

Seasonal yard work and other outdoor maintenance activities carry numerous risks such as: upper and lower back strain, neck strain and shoulder pain. Just like with sports, if your body isn’t prepared for physical activity this can increase your chances of injury. To avoid some of these injuries try doing warm ups, stretches and maintaining good posture.

Even athletes rely on warm-ups to avoid strain and stress on the body, as should you! The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) recommends 10-15 minutes of stretching exercises. Try  trunk rotations, side-bends and knee-to-chest pulls for a good warm up. Stretching and even a good walk at a mild pace helps circulation in the body and is very good for the body. Those are just a few tips as a chiropractor.

Another tip from Chicago Chiropractic is to always make sure you keep your back straight and your head up. When you are working in the yard, lift with your legs and bend with your knees. If you’re likely to carry heavy items such as leaves or piles of snow, hold them close to your body to help prevent back strain. When powering any sort of electronic item make sure to use your body weight versus solely your arms… this also helps prevent back pain and strain.

Another thing to keep in mind and that will help you from injury or having to see a chiropractor for treatment is to take breaks! When your body is tired, give it a rest and keep hydrated. Another way that will make this upcoming season easier on your body is to change up the tasks to give your muscle groups a rest.

Whether you are in great shape or not so accustomed to physical labor, chances are you will feel sore and stiff the next day – in this case, use ice to soothe the discomfort, but if there is no improvement in your aches and pains, then see a chiropractor. No matter how healthy you are, seeing a chiropractor can always be a nice treat for your back and body. Stay safe this winter season and see you soon at Chicago Chiropractic!



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