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Google’s Body Browser – Your Online Chiropractor

How many times a day do you say or type “google” in search of an answer? Well, now Google has the answer to even your “X-Ray”ed  questions with Google Body Browser!

Google Body Browser gives you a tour through the human body, and get this- you are in control to zoom, rotate, isolate certain organ systems, isolate individual organs, and explore. The images aren’t the only fascinating tool, google provides labels to all the different body parts which you can turn on and off, there is also a search box where you can type a specific organ or even tendon that you want to find. You can navigate like a chiropractor does! For example, type in Sciatic Nerve, and Google Body Browser will highlight the nerve for you. Each organ or view of the body you search in Google Body Browser can be saved and even shared with others! Imagine how much easier we all would have had in anatomy class with a tool like this!


Get Exploring! Knowing how your body works together is important at any age. However, it is also important to not try and diagnose yourself. Use this tool to better narrow down where your aches and pains are, and then seek a doctor’s attention such as Chicago Chiropractic, your Gold Coast chiropractor. A lot of your aches and pains can be treated and prevented with chiropractic care. Call Dr. Michael Kauf at (312) 337-4004 so see how we can start helping you feel better!


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