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Adjust Your Golf Game With Chiropractic

Chiropractors regularly treat golfers both on the professional and amateur level. The range of motion required to swing a golf club puts a great deal of pressure on the lower back. The pressure comes from rotating and extending. In addition, while a golfer goes through this motion the muscles are contracted and released kind of like a coiling effect. The uncoiling of these muscles on the downward swing causes lower back pain and disc issues in many golfers.

Here’s some chiropractic advice.

• Stretch the legs including groin hamstrings and quads prior to playing a round

• Put a club across your upper back and shoulders and lean side to side

• Stretch your shoulder blade muscles by holding a club behind your back

• If your a righty, simulate a warm up swing lefty to engage other muscles (do opposite if a lefty)

• Stretch your neck by gently pulling your ear to shoulder each side

Flexibility and balance are very important to a healthy swing. A healthy spine will help with proper balance and posture. Chiropractors care for your body as a whole, not just the back. So if your golf game is feeling out of sync, a trip to the Chiropractor may be just the very adjustment that your body and game needs! If you are a golfer and wish to improve your posture and flexability, call Dr. Michael Kauf at (312) 337-4004.



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