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A Chiropractor Can Help With A Disc Herniation

Disc Pain Treatment Chicago
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There are many symptoms caused by disc problems, including severe pain, numbness and tingling. Disc injuries can also make performing simple tasks like brushing your teeth or getting in and out of your car extremely difficult. A disc herniation can be serious, whether you are young or old, and should be treated in the most effective way possible. Disc pain sufferers often take pain medications or undergo invasive procedures like epidural injections or surgical procedures and unfortunately, very often, gain little to no permanent relief.

An alternative treatment to drugs, injections or surgery is Chiropractic care. A chiropractor will treat with physiotherapy modalities, stretches, exercises and careful, gentle manipulation which helps to reduce the symptoms caused by the disc putting pressure on the nerve. If you or someone you know is experiencing disc pain, email or call Dr. Michael Kauf at (312) 337-4004 to have an evaluation today!


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