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10 Tips For a Healthy Spine

1. Exercise At Least Three Times a Week

Exercise can be something as non-strenuous and simple as a long walk

2. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Eating a balanced diet helps the body heal and recover

3. Try to Always Maintain a Good Posture

Don’t slouch at your computer or when standing

4. Stretch, Stretch, Stretch!

It’s important to stretch your muscles before and after exercise

5. Don’t Turn Your Purse or Backpack into a Suitcase

Try not to stuff too many items in and carry over both shoulders to help balance your posture

6. When Seated for an Hour, Get Up and Move Around

It’s important to keep the blood flowing through your muscles

7. If You Use a Phone at Work, Get a Head Set

To avoid neck pain, never hold the phone between your ear and shoulder

8. Never Sleep on Your Belly!

Always sleep on your back or side to maintain proper alignment

9. Spend the money on a good mattress and chair at work

You sleep 8 hours and sit all day at work, treat your spine well!

10. Get Checked Out By Your Chiropractor Regularly

It’s better to maintain a healthy spine then correct an injury

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