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Can Foot Asymmetries Cause Back Pain?

Most people don’t realize that problems and misalignment’s in the feet, can cause aches and pain elsewhere in the body. In fact, the feet affect the alignment of the entire skeletal structure! Custom fitted orthotics are a great way of keeping the bony structures of the feet in balance. Each day an average person takes about 8000 steps over pavement, gravel, tile and other surfaces. With each step, gravity causes almost two times the body’s weight to bear down on each foot. If you weigh 180 lbs, that is 360 lbs of pressure with each step! Therefore, it is extremely important to keep your feet balanced. A custom orthotic is a simple way to achieve this goal. There are several ways your Podiatrist or Chiropractor can make an orthotic. Plaster casts, foam casts and digital scanning are the most common. Our office uses the casting method to create the orthotic and we also provide a digital scan to give you a visual display of your foot asymmetries.

If you are experiencing low back pain, foot pain, or a pelvic imbalance, consider custom fitted orthotics. To make an appointment with Chicago Chiropractor Dr. Michael Kauf email him here.


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