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Will I need Chiropractic Treatment Forever?

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the question, “Once I start getting chiropractic treatment, will I need to get treated forever?” The answer is very simple in most cases. NO. You won’t NEED to be adjusted forever to reap the rewards that chiropractic treatment has to offer, but you may WANT to keep getting adjusted to maintain your healthy posture on an ongoing basis.

Chiropractic Treatment
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I like to compare it to getting your teeth cleaned at your dentist. Do you need to get your teeth professionally cleaned 4 times a year? No, but it is good for you to do so! Do you need to get adjusted monthly after the problem that you presented with originally has been corrected? No, you don’t need to, but you might want to because it is good for you and it helps to maintain a healthy posture!


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